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What is "Football Confederation Rankings"?

"Football Confederation Rankings" is a list of FIFA confederations in the world and their strength

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World Cup Groups Ranked

League Average SPI Stdev Best Team Worst Team
1. CONMEBOL 74.11 11.1 Brazil: 93.2 Bolivia: 56.1
2. UEFA 56.02 21.7 Germany: 89.9 San Marino: 5.0
3. CAF 40.96 16.8 Algeria: 79.4 Seychelles: 6.9
4. CONCACAF 26.81 21.7 Mexico: 74.1 Turks and Caicos Islands: 0.5
5. AFC 25.53 22.0 Japan: 76.0 Macau: 0.7
6. OFC 14.88 15.8 New Zealand: 57.6 Tonga: 0.3

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Football League Rankings uses data from the awesome Global Club Soccer Rankings by FiveThirtyEight!

How does it work?

Pretty simple! It takes the rankings of all national teams from FiveThirtyEight, groups them into what confederation they belong too, and calculates the average SPI (Soccer Power Index) and the standard deviation of the values!

For more information about SPI ratings and how the ratings work in general - check out FiveThirtyEight's overview here.

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