Football League Rankings

Danish SAS-Ligaen

What is this?

This is a list of the teams in the league, Danish SAS-Ligaen, ranked by their SPI. This is not the current standings.

Average: 40.19 - Stdev: 8.0

Best: FC Midtjylland - 54.0 Worst: Lyngby - 25.6

Team SPI
1. FC Midtjylland 54.0
2. FC Copenhagen 53.5
3. Silkeborg 44.9
4. Randers FC 44.7
5. FC Nordsjaelland 41.4
6. Brondby 40.7
7. Viborg 38.9
8. AGF Aarhus 37.4
9. AaB 35.6
10. Odense BK 34.3
11. AC Horsens 31.1
12. Lyngby 25.6

Histogram of teams in: Danish SAS-Ligaen

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